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Fragkiskos Balarinis, Founder and Owner of the company with his selected partners, design, plan and organize your event, based in Mykonos Greece and work all over the world.


For us you are not just a client, we want to build a strong friendship between us. Every single recipe hides its own local history from our trips in Greece and all around the world, that gave us the know how to organise your feasts and parties.


We create the menu – we shop – we cook – we serve – we clean up the place – you enjoy!

Upon request we can cover every small detail for you to have an amazing experience, from food, cocktails, decoration, to djs lights and dancers.



At the age of sixteen, before even finishing high school, he starts working at the family business as kitchen assistant in a small taverna, there he learns how to work with charcoal and grill.

After finishing high school, he goes straight at culinary school. At his first year, he starts practicing at a private service company in Mykonos.

Next year, he works in several places in Athens, until he wins the gold medal in the most renowned pan-hellenic food competition, which gave him the opportunity to travel to france for erasmus.

After graduating from culinary school, he goes back in Mykonos. This time, he works as a head chef in a friendly vegetarian-vegan restaurant, called “Bowl Mykonos“.

Winter finds him in London UK working at “La Petite Maison” restaurant for a few months.

A second consecutive summer season finds him working at “Bowl” with great success, until he decides το explore Italy for a couple of weeks and discover the secrets of local recipes and traditions.

As he gets back in Athens, he continues travelling all around Greece, learning new techniques, until he goes back to “Bowl” for the third season, but an accident makes him stay in bed for four months. After his recovery, starts again the journey, this time as a stager at “Fuga” restaurant with Chef Patron Dimitris Katrivesis who teaches him the fundamentals of Nikkei cuisine.

By the time he leaves the restaurant, the outbreak of COVID-19 hits all over the world, so that winter he isolates himself, in order to enhance his techniques.

Summer 2020 finds Fragkiskos working as private chef in Mykonos for “Sarelas ECS”.

Finally, after many years and troubles, in summer 2021, he creates his own private services company, called “Franky’s Food“, based in Mykonos.

His biggest goal is to make “Franky’s Food” famous all around the world.